Fabri-Tek PTFE Experts
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Fabri-Tek PTFE Experts

Fabri-Tek specializes in PTFE coated fabrics, tapes, belting and PTFE/Silicone cooking baskets and liners.

With our Teflon™ cooking baskets we offer PTFE solid baskets and PTFE mesh baskets for use with Turbochef, Amana and Merrychef brand high speed ovens.

Our PTFE solid and PTFE mesh cooking baskets have reinforced side walls that are more than twice the industry standard for Teflon™ cooking baskets so Fabri-Tek’s PTFE baskets are the most durable in the marketplace. With our PTFE mesh baskets we can also add a Silicone protrusion to the top of the Teflon™ basket which increases the durability and stability of the PTFE mesh basket.

With Fabri-Tek’s “Strat” PTFE coated fabrics and tapes we can vary the glass structure of the PTFE coated fabric, the coating weight, add a top coating, add ingredients and also various other techniques to develop the most robust Teflon™ coated fabric, belt or tape for our customer’s application.

We also laminate PTFE coated fabric to cast Teflon™ films, Silicone coated fabrics, Teflon™ coated fabrics and various other materials for more rigorous and demanding applications. Some of Fabri-Tek’s “Strat” PTFE coated fabrics are the longest lasting and most durable Teflon™ fabrics being used currently as tortilla belts, pizza belts, Teflon™ welding tape and Teflon™ sleeves for the fenestration industry.