Fabri-Tek Can Save Your Company Money!

Case Study ~
Tortilla Manufacture

A tortilla manufacture was buying a .010” thick premium grade PTFE coated fabric belting material from our competitor and they were looking for a better belt that would last longer than their current PTFE belt. Fabri-Tek recommended a thinner PTFE belting material with a different glass substrate and an ingredient added to the PTFE material to enhance the life of the belt. The thinner PTFE material gave the customer better heat transfer and by changing the glass substrate and with the addition of the ingredient to the PTFE composition we were able to extend the life of their tortilla belts. Not only did we help the customer extend the life of their tortilla belts, we were also able to show them a cost savings on their overall spend on tortilla belts.

Case Study ~
Food Equipment Manufacture

A food equipment manufacture was buying a solid PTFE cooking basket from our competition and they wanted to enhance and extend the life of their PTFE basket. Fabri-Tek recommended modifying the bottom cooking surface of the PTFE basket and also increasing the thickness of the side walls to create a much more durable PTFE basket that is outlasting their previous PTFE basket.